Abolishing Performance Appraisals

Welcome! While eighty percent of U.S. businesses use performance appraisals, ninety percent of them are dissatisfied with the process. Challenging readers to rethink the underlying assumptions and functions appraisal attempts to accomplish, this is the first book to provide express guidance on how to abolish appraisal altogether replacing it with more effective practices emphasizing empowerment, teamwork, and spirituality. Co-authors Tom Coens and Mary Jenkins explore areas such as coaching, feedback, compensation, development, promotion, and legal documentation. Call it what you like—annual review, appraisal, evaluation, performance review—The process is uniformly devastating to the morale of the employees and managers who are subjected to it.

Examines the underlying assumptions and functions performance appraisal attempts to accomplish and provides specific guidance on what to do instead.
Provides multiple detailed case studies of organizations that have successfully abolished performance appraisal.

Foreword by Peter Block, author of Stewardship, The Empowered Manager, and Flawless Consulting.

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